Welcome to IEH

[About IEH]

IEH, known as “International Entrepreneurship Hub” is located at No. 187, Jinhua Street, Taipei City. It’s a new initiative set up by CPBAE of NCCU, and provides a comfortable, conveniently-located space for entrepreneurs who have already started or planned to start their own business. IEH, offers affordable working space to entrepreneurs, so that they can come and work with other people. IEH serves not only as a working space but also a place for entrepreneurs with various backgrounds to network and share their experience. IEH also holds talks and a variety of social events for members to exchange ideas and learn from one another, which we believe sparks innovations and ingenuities.

[Explore IEH]

We offer tours every Thursday, 1:00-2:00pm. If you’re interested, please call or email to make a reservation.

[Join IEH]

To join IEH, all you need to do is to fill out and submit an application form. Once the application is approved you could move into IEH.

[Our Space]

Co-working Space

IEH rents “desks,” typically for a period of three months. To accommodate your needs, however, we also offer a few other programs:

*2012 August 1 update

Rate (per desk)


NT$200 /day


NT$1,200 /week


NT$3,500 /month


NT$9,000 /three months

Private Office
If there are multiple members in your start-up team and you would like to have your own working space, we also provide small offices. Please contact our office, if you are interested in renting office from IEH.


If you need short-term accommodation, members could stay at 山南居 at a discounted rate. Please contact us for more information. * IEH reserves the right to change the application and renting procedures.

[Contact Us]

If you are interested in visiting IEH, please get in touch with us: Phone: +886-2-2341-9151 ext. 107 / 123 Email: iehnccu@gmail.com